Selfless Selfies: Mommy & Me, 7th ed.

Mommy & Me, 7th Ed. A fun link-up to share those special moments between mommies and our little ones. #motherhood

Selfies have gotten a really bad rap lately. Don’t get me wrong, if your entire Instagram feed contains your own face with different facial expressions, then you’re not helping the reputation of selfies very much. With that being said, however, I think selfies have their place.

If selfies were not meant to be, then what’s the point of the camera flipping around on a smart phone? Furthermore, sometimes selfies are necessary when you want to ask your friends if they like your new hair style or if a pair of earrings matches a new outfit. There are so many selfie options. The duck-face selife, the gym selfie, the car selfie, the dressing room selfie, etc.

Interestingly, I just looked it up on, and the word has been around since 2005. I was pretty impressed; I thought it was much younger than that.

Enough teasing. My two boys love having their pictures taken, especially my two-year old. He won’t smile when I ask him to, but if the photo is his idea, he’s all about it.

My five-year old finally enjoys taking pictures and will totally smile on cue at any moment. It’s a wonderful milestone to achieve. I love taking the boys on dates, and how else would we capture our sweet time together without selfies?!

I do worry about teenagers who spend time planning their next selfie instead of reading a book or studying US History, but if you’re a mom like me and you love snapping photos of you and your kiddos, then be selfish and selfie all night long.

(Ha! I am the first one to use it as a verb. Thank you very much, Mr. Webster).

Mommy & Me, 7th Ed. A fun link-up to share those special moments between mommies and our little ones. #motherhood

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    Adorable pics! I see nothing wrong with selfies. The problem is just with people who are obsessed with taking pictures of themselves all day, every day.

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    I love these pics! I sometimes get tired of people posting a ton of themselves with different facial expressions. My kids love to take selfies with me and they are totally necessary for new haircuts and outfits like you said!

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    I love taking photos with my daughter. She just learned what a selfie is yesterday and I caught her taking a few with her fake Frozen camera! I love this age because she actually cooperates and will take photos with me.

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    Cute selfies with your boys! Selfies have been around since they got popular on MySpace (remember MySpace angles??). I am not sure why they are getting a bad rep all of a sudden. I don’t take them often, only when I need to!

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    I enjoy seeing other people’s selfies — I’m bad about not sharing many of myself, though I’ve been trying to do so more this year. My college age son is a selfie-aholic 😀

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    My husband has just started taking selfies recently and it cracks me up!! My kids all do it too (the big ones). Even the little one does, come to think of it, on his VTech camera, buwahahahha

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    aleshafulltimemama says

    So I totally do the occasional selfie with my kids because, like Liz said above, I’m not IN photos hardly at all otherwise! Not just with them either, but with my husband (who is horrible at photos).

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    Adorable selfie with your son! My daughter and I goof off and take a TON together, but I usually don’t post them – unless I look fab! j/k They do serve a purpose.

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    Selfies can be a lot of fun. Yes I hate seeing peoples newsfeeds full of just selfies- but every now and then it’s fun! Your boys are super cute and so are you!

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    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says

    I think mom-selfies are totally awesome. After all, we are the ones with the kiddos most of the time, so one of us has to take the picture!


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