Five on Friday

Friday has arrived, folks!  Some weeks I need more time to get everything accomplished, and other weeks it seems like Friday is a tortoise.

This week has zoomed by, and I still have an article due Saturday morning, a gift to buy for an occasion, and a game plan to develop for my five-year old’s first soccer game this weekend (I volunteered to coach).

Despite the chaos of the week, there have been a number of special moments, fun times, and feelings of appreciation for the little things. Here are this week’s Five on Friday moments.

#1 Superheroes

My older child never really got into superheroes. We’ve tried several times to introduce them to him, but he always seems rather disinterested. Because of this, we have very few superhero toys and costumes around the house. Our good friends, however, have a multitude of superhero stuff. Case, my toddler, may be quite different from his older brother. When we put this Superman costume on him, he was literally giddy. If ever I’m feeling down for any reason, I know this picture will cheer me up. Seriously, people. How could it not?

Five on Friday. What five things have made your week super special? #funonfriday

#2 Quinoa (keen-wah)

I have always been intrigued with quinoa but never confident enough to make anything with it at home. What is quinoa? It looks like couscous, but it is a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. We were at a health food store the other day, and I bought some in the bulk section and found a simple quinoa salad recipe. I made it yesterday, and it is so delicious. I can’t wait to share the recipe with you all in a week or two.

Five on Friday. What five things have made your week super special? #funonfriday

#3 Tricycles

Until the past couple of weeks, our tw0-year old had been scooting himself around on his tricycle but not actually pedaling. He finally figured out how to pedal, and one would think he met Woody and Buzz in person. As soon as I park my car in the garage, he wants to ride his tricycle around in circles until I get the car unloaded. One problem though…Two days ago, he left his trike behind my car and as I was pulling out, I dented one of his tires. It wobbles as he rides it, but he seems truly unaffected and indifferent to the fact. Thank goodness!

Five on Friday. What five things have made your week super special? #funonfriday

#4 Afternoon Coffee

Every single day this week, I’ve gone to bed at 10:45 or 11:00 and woken up at 5:00. I just can’t get everything finished and go to sleep at a reasonable time. Afternoon coffee has been my lifesaver. I’m really lucky to live in a small town that respects local and well-made coffee. We have two roasters in town, and the coffee from both is delicious. Without my two cups of afternoon coffee this week, there’s no way I could have made it through the natural lull that inevitably occurs between 2:00 and 5:00. I plan to do better next week.

Five on Friday. What five things have made your week super special? #funonfriday

#5 Soccer

My five-year old finally starts his soccer season tomorrow, and I think he’s really excited. I volunteered to coach along with one of our friends. Luckily, our friend actually knows a thing or two about soccer. I coached middle school track for five years, but that’s quite different than coaching five-year olds in soccer. We shall see how it goes. At long as they run in the right direction and do not cry, it will be a success!

Five on Friday. What five things have made your week super special? #funonfriday

Happy Friday to you, my friends!

Five on Friday


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    I love quinoa. It’s a great substitute for rice. Only problem, Lucas won’t eat it. And the superhero photo is SO cute!!!

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