Firsts and Lasts

Though there’s a lot of living in between, it’s often life’s ‘firsts’ and ‘lasts’ that we remember and cherish the most.

A baby’s first cry, first crawl, first tooth, first taste of food, first step, first birthday, first words. A child’s first bike ride without training wheels, first loose tooth, first day of kindergarten, first soccer game, first sleepover. A teenager’s first time behind the wheel, first prom, first date, first kiss, first job, first college acceptance letter. An adult’s first promotion, first year of marriage, first home, first child.

Then there are lasts. Last night in a crib, last baby tooth, last time in a booster seat, last day of summer camp, last time with a friend before he moves away, last End of Grade test, last varsity football game, last prom, last day of high school, last day of vacation, last family dinner before moving away to college. Last look around a first home. Last day of work before retirement.

My heart was a little heavy last week as we experienced a first and a last with our sweet boy, Brooks. I know he’s mature enough to begin his life away from me, but it sure is hard to let go, even the littlest bit.

Wednesday was a big day for us. It was the day of kindergarten registration which is completely mind-boggling. I feel like a cartoon character whose mouth is hanging open and someone needs to come by and pop it back into place. I just can’t believe it’s already time for kindergarten. Where in the world did the last five years go?

For Brooks, it was his very first time walking into his soon-to-be elementary school, the school where he will learn multiplication tables, skin his knees, laugh in the cafeteria, make lifelong friends, develop his first crush.

As we sat there and listened to the principal and teachers talk about his new school and all of the exciting experiences that await the rising kindergarteners, I found  myself growing excited for him. He’s ready to move on from preschool, so I must be there for him. I will for sure shed some tears this fall as he begins this new adventure, but I will try my hardest not to let him see me do it.

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Also on Wednesday was his last preschool program. His preschool puts on several programs throughout the year. They are so much fun, and the kids always do a wonderful job. This program was called Spring Sharing, and the theme was Down on the Farm. The kiddos had practiced their songs for weeks, and were like little Broadway stars.

As I laughed and smiled the night of the show, a little part of me was sad. Brooks and his classmates looked so tall and mature as they stood in the back doing exactly what they were supposed to while some of the toddlers wallered around up front or yelled out for Mommy. The contrast between Brooks’s class and the little ones was a visual reminder that he’s ready to graduate preschool, but again, it’s not easy to accept.

firsts and lasts 2

When Brooks was born, the first three months seemed like an eternity. He tried to win the award for most colicky baby, and I stumbled through those early days of motherhood, exhausted and unsure of anything I did. Now all of a sudden, he’s five and it’s time for him to begin a new phase in his life.

No one said being a mom was easy, but I always thought the rough times would be the hardest. As I sit here and type this, I’m starting to think it’s the exact opposite. I can deal with tantrums, leaky diapers, loud car rides, sleepless nights, and sibling fights.

It’s the special times that bring tears to my eyes and make my heart ache with happiness and pride. So as my sweet boy journeys to kindergarten and begins a new chapter in his life, I will be his biggest cheerleader and his toughest coach. I will try to absorb as many moments as I possibly can because it really does all go so quickly, and I’m not planning on missing a bit of it.





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    I remember the day my oldest went off to kindergarten and I cried like a baby. Now he’s in 4th grade already and honestly, I look at him all the time and I don’t know where almost 10 years went.

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      Having two is SO much fun! Sometimes I’ll watch them play or hold hands while walking and feel an overwhelming feeling of joy that they will always have one another. I didn’t think I had enough room in my heart for another, but I adore my little one just as much.

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    louidam1 says

    I remember just like it was yesterday when my daughters were first born. Time flies just way too fast! Now they’re ages 8 and 6 and I just sit back and enjoy all the precious moments in their lives. It always brings tears in my eyes.

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    How sad and exciting at the same time! You know people write about having babies and toddlers, it’s when you realize that your toddler, has turned into an actual kid!! It’s the weirdest thing. I’ve got a 7 yr old.. but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    StacieinAtlanta says

    Awwww he is such a cutie! I seriously cried almost the entire day when my oldest went into Kindergarten.

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    Kindergarten is a big day, for you and him! Time goes by so quickly and take lots of photos. It’s going to seem like he gets on the bus in the famm and comes home about age 15, that’s how fast they grow.

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    Aww, he’ll do great and he’s SUCH a cutie!! There will still be plenty of firsts that you’ll experience with him. I’ve got one son, and I totally understand the ups and downs of all the firsts and lasts. <3

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    The New Classy says

    When my daughter first started kindergarten she loved it. It was daycare that was tricky.

    You little one is such a cutie!

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    It’s so much fun to watch children grow up. My oldest will graduate from college in December and while it’s hard to think of her as an adult it’s also exciting to see her make her way in the world and realize that in spite of everything I did, she turned out alright :)

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    It is so bittersweet when they’re doing new things. You’re right, it’s exciting though, knowing that they’re about to learn and do so many great things!

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    Aw, I remember that first precious day as well. I wish I would have written down my thoughts about it then- as you did here. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling. Enjoy every moment and congrats Mama for getting him this far- he will be fine (while you sob and worry the whole time lol)

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    oh I remember feeling all those feelings with each of mine. Time goes by so fast it’s so important to cherish every bit of it.

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    TIme goes by so fast. I love my boys so much and I couldn’t imagine stopping at just one. they do add a little chaos however I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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    teresa mccluskey says

    Amazingly said! Wiping a tear from my eye. My baby turned 2 yesterday and my oldest is turning 4 in Nov. so I know just what you mean!


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