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We’re going to try this race thing again. Several weeks ago I was scheduled for a 5K the day before Easter and had to bail due to a severe sore throat. I’m registered for another one this morning, but I’m running this one with Brooks, our six-year old. It’s a fundraiser for his elementary school […]

5 Ways to Stay Involved with Your Child’s Education

5 ways to stay involved with your child's education

My mother was the librarian at my primary school and would often peek into my classroom or give me a quick hug in the cafeteria, so I admit that regarding parent involvement, I had a slight advantage. Nevertheless, once I moved on to third grade and left the familiarity of the primary school, my mom […]

Spring Break with the Munchkins: Mommy & Me, 15th ed.

Mommy & Me April 12 #1

Whew! We have had one busy, jam-packed spring break. Last night, I said to my husband, “I can’t wait for regular life.” My little family has had enough excitement for a few weeks. It started out with Easter weekend which was full of friends, great food, family and a blessed worship experience. Then we traveled […]

Stream of Consciousness #blogging #writing #SOC

I’m sitting in a hotel with my sister typing on my computer with reruns of Mad Men on the TV. It feels like old times. I can’t count the number of nights she and I have stayed in hotels throughout our lives, traveling here and there and everywhere. We even backpacked in Europe together in […]

Friday 5: DC Style

Friday 5 april 9 #2

  5 Thoughts from the Week 1. My sister is pregnant, so instead of our usual frolicking around DC until 9 or 10:00 pm, we hunkered down in our PJs each night and watched movies. We even let Brooks and my niece, Kate, stay up later than usual to watch some of our favorite childhood […]

10 Tips for Traveling with the Littles

Traveing with the Littles

I’ve always been a traveler. I love seeing new places and things, and I want to instill that same love for adventure in our boys. When I became a mom to our oldest son, Brooks,  I couldn’t wait to travel with him to show him the world, snap a lot of cute pictures and make […]

Easter Recap

Easter 2015 #1

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Ours started at 6:45 am when the boys jumped out of bed to see what the Easter Bunny brought them. It’s so fun to watch their little faces light up, even at the smallest of things like Dr. Seuss erasers. They were both really excited about the floating […]

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I’m supposed to run a 5K in one hour, but I woke up with a sore throat and swollen glands. I am so sad. I have been super excited about this race. It’s held at a beautiful lake in our community, and it’s such a fun way to kick off Easter weekend and spring break. […]

Friday 5: Laughter, Family, Auntie Suz and Dada’s Birthday

Friday 5 april 3 #2

5 Thoughts from the Week 1. Do you laugh much? I’ve been telling you all about lessons I’m learning in the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Last night before I went to bed, she talked about laughter. Laughter does so much for the mind and spirit. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune […]