I’m in Love with The Portrait Studio of Asheville

PS #2

I am going to be honest here. I never thought I would like indoor portrait studios because every time I’ve walked by this type of business in the mall, there are hoards of people waiting to get photographed and children crying. It looks miserable. Also, I’m just an outdoor photography girl, so I thought, ‘Why […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOC #writing #blogging #balance


So here goes. I am trying to write a true stream of consciousness post where I only write for a certain amount of time, allowing my brain to empty onto the screen. It’s supposed to be really freeing and relaxing. Typically when I do these SOC posts, I get stuck on one topic. If you’re […]

$100 Amazon Valen-tastic Giveaway! #giveaway #ValentinesDay

Valen-tastic Quad Photo

Hey there, friends! It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It honestly feels like the boys were just waking up yesterday excited to see where our elf Frisbee landed the night before. Year 2016 is zooming right along, and I hope yours is treating you well so far. While Valentine’s […]

Bullet Journal DOs and DON’Ts #BulletJournal #BuJo

BuJo Dos and Donts #1

After using my Bullet Journal for a while now, some clear DOs and DON’Ts have emerged. These are not research-based, but they are experience-based. If you’ve never heard of this type of analog system, you should probably head over to Bullet Journal 101, but if you’ve been using a Bullet Journal for any length of […]

Stream of Consciousness #sunshine #wipedout #SOC

Soc with Case

Oh my dear goodness this sunshine is making me so happy. After weeks in the snow and freezing cold, I feel like I’m on a tropical island today. The sun is shining bright and the temperature is at 55 degrees and rising. Man, it’s been a long week. But in retrospect, it’s been a good […]

Fun & Simple Ninja Turtle Stick Puppets

ninja turtle craft #3

Our littlest boy loves, loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He’d never seen the show, but he began playing with the toys at a friend’s house and then his devotion developed from there. After two straight years, it’s true love, I tell you. So it did not shock me at all that he wanted the […]

10 Things to Smile About This Month-January 2016

10 things jan 25 #10

This post means a lot to me. This has been an incredible month, a definitive month. I made sure it was that way. Did  you know we are capable of that? We are capable of making a day or a month or a year wonderful or woeful. It really is our choice. I woke up […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOC #writing #hunkering #snowday

SOC jan 23 #3

I’ve been hearing the phrase “hunkering down” all week and even used it myself last night when telling a friend what our plans were for the evening. Hunkering such a funny-sounding word that I decided to look it up. So it actually has several meanings but the one relative to all those experiencing snow, it […]

3 Reasons to Visit The Portrait Studio-Asheville #photography #AVL

PS blog post #2 photo 1

I love when I have the opportunity to announce exciting news on my blog. Last week I told you about the opening of The Portrait Studio of Asheville on January 27, 2016. They have been busily preparing for their first photo shoots in a couple of weeks. If you remember from last week, this studio […]