Reduce Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses with #2BenefitU

Is your wallet straining each month with the rising price of out-of pocket medical costs? If so, then maybe it’s time to look into adding the supplemental Health and Wellness Discount Program 2BenefitU. When you join, 2BenefitU brings members non-insured benefit programs featuring products and services for everyday use. They help members and their families […]

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Today we’re having Thanksgiving #2. My sister, brother-in-law and five-month old niece arrived yesterday afternoon, so we are hosting Thanksgiving today at our house. On Thursday, we were with my husband’s side of the family. This is the third year we’ve cooked here, and it’s super fun. We all cook different dishes so that one […]

Friday 5: Another Wreck, Beautiful Countryside and Thanksgiving

Friday 5 nov 27 #4

Wow, it’s been a doozy of a week. As you will see in my Friday 5 thoughts and photos below, my week has been packed with all sorts of adventures, experiences and emotions. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and have some exciting weekend plans. 5 Thoughts 1). On Monday night around 6:00pm, I […]

Important Tips for Car Seat Safety #SafetyFirst #FourSeasonsFord

Car seat #2

Today’s world is a beast, and as parents, we have to be vigilant about the safety of our children. My mom always talks about when my sister and I were little and she put is in little carriers that weren’t attached to the car or we sat in the back seat without a booster by […]

10 Stability Ball Moves for Total Body Toning #liveinfinitely

stability ball cover photo

Have you ever used a stability ball? If not, I think now is the time. And if you have used one before, perhaps it’s time you own one of your own instead of waiting to use the one at the gym. Research indicates that exercise moves using a stability ball are twice as effective as […]

$100 Target and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway #BlackFriday #Giveaway

Black Friday Giveaway Quad 2015

It’s hard to believe the holidays are almost upon us! Do you have exciting plans this year? And what are your thoughts on Black Friday? My Black Fridays have varied widely over the years. There have been times where I’ve woken up entirely too early to meet friends and shop before the sun came up. […]

Listen to your Grandma

the art of storytelling

Before eReaders, computers and iPads, even before books were readily available to everyone, there was storytelling. Around fires, within villages, and on front porches, stories were passed down from generation to generation. Even today, many people drive down the road listening to Garrison Keillor tell stories of Lake Wobegon or Steve Jobs inspire on a […]

Love Where You Live

love where you live #1

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time whatsoever you know that I’m honest and real with my sadness, gladness, anger, mommy guilt and frustrations. I write about my highest days and my lowest. While I will share a family-friendly recipe or a craft I’ve enjoyed with the boys, I’m certainly not a blogger […]

Meeting One of My Tribe

John Kralik photo

Today I get to meet a NY Times bestselling author. I wouldn’t say I’m star struck about meeting a famous author; I’m more excited to meet a fellow writer and one who wrote a book that truly resonated with me. I feel like all writers have a connection. We are all vulnerable to the page […]