Halfway to New Year’s Eve #Project365

Project 365

If we follow one another on Instagram, you may have noticed that each day I post a photo with #Project365. It’s a fun photography campaign that encourages people to post a picture each day of an entire year. So far, I haven’t missed a day. It’s challenging to remember sometimes, but  I’ve loved participating for […]

Red, White & Blue Target Giveaway! #giveaway #FourthOfJuly

Red, white and blue

Summer is in full swing, my friends, and nothing says “summer” like July 4th excitement. Are you planning to cookout, attend a parade, run a 5K, watch fireworks or all of the above? I love, love this holiday. This year, we plan to attend several different events in our town. We will pretty much be […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOC #writing #blogging

Today is my last full day in DC with my sis and Baby Maddie. I must say, I’ve grown quite attached to the little peanut, and my heart feels rather heavy this morning. She is truly a good baby. As long as she’s fed and her diaper is dry, she is happy as can be. […]

Friday 5: Auntie Love, Traveling Woes, and Missing the Boys

Friday 5 June 26 #5

5 Thoughts from the Week 1. I completely forgot how a tiny newborn baby can take over an entire household. As Shakespeare said in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “Though she be little, she is fierce!” And when little Maddie wants to nurse or sleep or be unswaddled, she’s gonna get her way, by golly. 2. […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Leaving on a  Jet Plane

My heart is so full this morning. My sweet, beautiful sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl Sunday night. With two boys running around my house, I can’t wait to be aunt to a bouncing baby girl. This evening I’m flying out to spend six days with my sister, brother-in-law and new Baby Maddie.We […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOC #blogging #writing

Happy Father’s Day! I really like this day. Not every father on this planet is a great dad, but the two in my life (my dad and my husband) are pretty dang amazing, so I always look forward to a day solely devoted to celebrating them. Right now, my husband is either still sleeping or […]

Say Goodbye to Candy Crush and Hello to Best Fiends! #LoveBestFiends

Acorn Disclosure

I have never played Candy Crush. I don’t even have the app on my phone. Before smart phones, I was addicted to Sudoku puzzles and had a little book with a pencil stuck in it that I would work in every night after Brooks was in bed and everything was prepped for the next day. […]

Hollywild Animal Park #summertime #USFamilyGuide

Hollywild #3

A couple of weeks ago, my family along with my parents and some of our friends loaded up three cars and headed to South Carolina to Hollywild Animal Park. This attraction has a very endearing story. Hollywild is a combination of a zoo and a park and has been a home for animals for decades. […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOC #blogging #writing

Even though the calendar says that Friday was the last day of school, my mind and body haven’t quite shifted to summertime mode yet. We’ve been running ragged this weekend, but all for fun reasons. Friday night we went to a friend’s house for a big last-day-of-school/kindergarten graduation cookout. Then Saturday, we woke up super […]

Friday 5: Growing Up, Undies and Summertime

Friday 5 June 12 #4

5 Thoughts from the Week 1. Today is the last student day in our county. Woo-hoo! With end-of-year testing wrapping up, field trips, locker clean outs, graduations, yearbooks, etc., the last week of school can be wild. It can also be very stressful on the principal, and since I’m a principal’s wife, I’m ready for […]