Friday 5: Beach Fun, Childhood Ups & Downs, and Beautiful Baby Girl

Friday 5 july 30 #5

5 Thoughts From the Week 1. I’ve really enjoyed morning runs this summer. Our school-year schedule just doesn’t support me running in the morning, so I end up working out in the afternoon when I’m exhausted. I will certainly miss running in the cool air when I’m at my full stamina. 2. I can’t believe […]

10 Things to Smile About This Month: July 2015

ten things to smile about 2015 10

1. Fourth of July fun! This was such a special night with our family and sweet friends.   2. Running the Highland Brewery Nigh Flight Race with my good friend Melanie from Pixels in my Pocket. It was my first night race and my first 4 miler. 3. Watching our dead hanging plant turn into […]

Stream of Consciousness #blogging #writing #SOC

This is going to the be the quickest stream of consciousness post ever. I just heard Brooks wake up. He’s still in his room but I can hear him playing. I want to go spend some time with him. Lately, it seems like he’s grown up right in front of my eyes. I realized that […]

I don’t deserve this parenting gig.

parenting gig

When I was a little girl, I would make up names for all of the children I would one day have. When I was older I had visions of pushing the baby in a stroller while she sat prettily and I drank a travel mug of coffee. Later, I imagined Todd and I watching the […]

Fly a Kite to Support Your Child’s School #Hefty4BoxTops #CollectiveBias #Ad

Hefty #1

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #Hefty4BoxTops #CollectiveBias Have you ever heard of the Box Tops for Education program? Many, many schools participate in this program, including the schools in our school system. When I was teaching middle school, I collected box tops for […]

Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility #budget #money

Financial Resp #1

As parents, we spend so much time encouraging our children to read, eat healthy, exercise, be nice, share and do their school work, but we often devote very little time to teaching kids financial responsibility. Many adults are terrible at managing their own money and perhaps it’s because the skills were never acquired and polished […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOC #blogging #writing

My heart is full these days, and so is my schedule, but I can handle a crazy agenda when I’m at peace with my heart. We are members of a large, mission-oriented church and every other year, groups from the church go on big overseas mission trips. On alternating years, we stay in our town […]

4 Skills Children Learn in the Kitchen

cooking in the kitchen

Are your kiddos always asking to help in the kitchen? Our six-year old absolutely loves to help us cook. Whether it’s measuring out milk, dumping ingredients in a bowl or peeling cucumbers, he loves being in the kitchen. For several years he even said he wanted to be a chef when he grew up, though […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOC #blogging #writing #summertime

Wow, this weekend has been a doozy, super busy and packed with activity. Friday night, my parents kept our boys overnight, so Todd and I went on a double date with two friends of ours. We ate at The Lobster Trap in downtown Asheville, a delicious seafood restaurant that’s uber popular with locals and tourists […]

3 Reasons Your Kids Need Boredom

3 reasons your kids need boredom

Have you heard your child say, “Mom, I’m so bored. When are we going to do something fun?” Well, I have. Now that we’ve hit the middle of summer, the excitement of the season is starting to wane, and it’s getting more and more challenging to stimulate my boys. But every time I think that […]