Sweet Boys: Mommy & Me, 14th ed.

Mommy & Me march 30 #1

We had an event-packed weekend. With family in town, my sister’s baby shower and Palm Sunday activities at church, I am feeling myself sliding down the other side of the plot climax, in a good way. I feel blessed for a weekend full of meaning and togetherness with those I love. Through it all, Case […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOC #Blogging #Writing

So we woke up to 1/2 an inch of snow on the ground. I need to insert the exasperated emojicon right now, but I don’t think I can while typing on a laptop. We have big weekend plans, but instead of wearing my open-toed shoes, I’ll guess I’ll be digging my boots out.  There are […]

Spring Break

spring break #1

My parents were teachers, so everyone in my family counted down the days to spring break when we would load our black Chevy fan and travel to Surfside Beach, SC for a week in the sun. When I was a child, my parents rented a lot in Ocean Lakes Campground and parked our camper there […]

Old School Blogging: Full-On Randomness #OSBlog

Old School Blogging

  Name one thing you have saved from your childhood? I lost a lot of items from my childhood when my parents house burnt down in October of 2005 from a freak electrical fire. It was the house I had lived in since I was 14. I wasn’t living there when it burned, but most […]

Stream of Consciousness #SOC #blogging #writing #linkup

I’ve done the “woe is me” thing long enough this week. It’s my goal today to snap out of it. I have so much to be grateful for and so many blessings in my life. I guess for me it’s just sometimes healing to allow myself to be melancholy for a while and absorb any […]

Friday 5: Solitary Mommying, Introspection and Sweet Boys

Friday Five #1 march 20

5 Thoughts from the Week 1. My husband has been out of town this week at a conference, so I’ve been parenting alone for the most part. My sweet mom came over and spent the night with us. The boys love having sleepovers with Grandma B. The afternoons were challenging as I had a number […]

Just Let Yourself Cry

mom's painting

Do you ever go through phases where your emotions (both high and low) are in overdrive? That’s been me this week. One minute I’m joyous, enjoying the sun and singing along to a song on the radio. The next minute, I’m thinking about losing those I love to the inevitability of death, and I start […]

Ode to St. Patrick’s Day


by Susanna Barbee It’s that wild and joyous time of year For leprechauns, green and spirited cheer Shamrocks behold, your day has come An ancient holiday for  prayer and fun The three leaves represent the trinity A Holy visual for all to see Though on this day, we jest and laugh With hats and beads […]

What’s your oxygen mask?

take care of yourself

Have you ever really listened to the words of a flight attendant? In particular, these words: “Adults should put on their oxygen masks before helping children.” Every time I fly, I listen to this  statement with keen awareness of its metaphorical meaning, yet do I really live out the metaphor? If the adult cannot breathe, […]